Big Pond

Osman Saaidin

Artist Osman bin Saaidin (b.1949) certainly has his
mother to thank for unearthing his artistic talent at a
young age. While most parents would have encouraged
their children to pursue a professional career, Osman’s
mother just wanted her son to do what he likes best.
Realising his potential, she bought him a lot of drawing
paper, leaving Osman to weave his magic on the plain
white papers. The retired fire and rescue personnel loves
capturing images of villages in the olden days using his
brush in watercolour.
Among his notable artworks are paintings of people working
at the paddy fields, rubber tapping and catching fish; echoes
of a bygone era. Osman likes to visit villages; from there, he
would observe the changes over the years before creating
paintings that come with a touch of nostalgia.
One of his artworks on tin mining won him an award during the
Saksi exhibition held at the National Art Gallery in 2003.