Big Pond

Abdul Rasid Yusof

From 1977-1993, Abd. Rasid bin Yusof worked as a freelance
book illustrator for several publishing houses.  Then in 1993,
he began to concentrate full-time as a wild-life, tropical landscape
and maritime artist.
His realistic depiction of flora and fauna, using acrylic on canvas,
is his way of contributing to conservation of the environment. By
making nature and wildlife the subject of his paintings, he hopes
to convey a message to art lovers, collectors and the general
viewing public – to better understand, and appreciate the
importance of conservation of our natural environment and thus
provide a better living condition for every one of us. If we are not
careful, these paintings may soon be the only record of their past
existence, when the species becomes extinct – Abd. Rasid reminds
To date he has had 4 solo exhibitions locally and participated in
numerous group exhibitions – Manila, Taipei, Guangzhou, Hainan,
World Expo in Shanghai, China (2010) and Malaysia International
Art Expo.

Art exhibition 1999-2015    
5 Solo exhibition, 35 group exhibitions and 8 Art Expos in Malaysia, China, Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. Many works are in private and corporate collections in Malaysia and abroad.
Creating awareness towards enhancing the conservation effort to the world environment which support all the needs of mankind is one of the objectives of the artist.

By depicting nature and wildlife as the subject in most of his paintings he hopes that it conveys the message to art lovers/collectors and the public to understand better, the importance of conservation to this delicate ecosystem of natural environment that provides a better living condition to every one of us.

19th February 2012

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