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Maba Jaffar

Maba, a Malaysian self-taught artist, was born in Singapore in May 1962 and at present resides in Pahang, Malaysia. She prefers to be called Mas by kin and friends. The pseudonym Maba is an acronym of Mas and Bakar, her husband.
She started painting seriously in 2004 after relinquishing her IT profession of eighteen years. Having no formal education in arts, she was resolute to acquire the essential skills and knowledge through informal means. She learns by reading, practising, observing the works of other artists and by getting advice from some of them.  One way of measuring that is by looking at the number of feedbacks from viewers, other artists and art collectors. Beginning at the age of forty two, has never impeded her willpower to learn and to demonstrate her potentials.

Maba is more at ease working with acrylic on canvas. Her subjects range from still life, landscape, seascape to wildlife and marine life, and occasional portraits.

Her affection and interest in nature are manifested in her beautiful and fascinating realism artworks. As an artist she prefers to express “beauty” in her paintings. According to her, nature is the best model to emulate. Natural beauty always arouses her. Her paintings are greatly inspired through her enthusiastic observation of nature.

When asked why she loves painting so much, her reply would be, “When I am immersed in painting it rejuvenates me and never fail to make me feel good.”

It has been her aspiration to be successful and recognised in her works. She believes beauty needs to be admired, shared, and sometimes deserves to be acquired. 

Her Artwork Collectors Are :

Name Title
Peter Shelton Poppy Field in The Morning
Anonymous Poppy Field in The Evening
T Noorsilawati T Mohamed  A Glass Bowl of Apples
Nasrul Hata Bunga Kuning
T Rosli Dato’ Lokman Pastor Jack
  Mutual Attraction
  Waterfall 4
BNM Subsidiary Glowing Forest
Saodah Abdullah Tangga Usang
Anonymous Rainforest
Anonymous Red Blooms
Comm Works for ArgoBank Calender 2010 Turmeric Compositions
  Papper Compositions
Norma Jaafar A Watchful Parent
Anonymous Emergence
Anonymous Rendezvous
Anonymous Keep Me Wild II
Anonymous Waterfall 3
Pameran Karnival Artgeng Jeriau Waterfall, Fraser's Hill
Pameran Karnival Artgeng Lata Tempit Waterfall, Janda Baik
Pameran Karnival Artgeng Lata Tempit Waterfall 2, Janda Baik
Pameran Karnival Artgeng Under A Tree I
Pameran Karnival Artgeng Under A Tree II
Pameran Karnival Artgeng Scroll Home
Pameran Karnival Artgeng March Tit
Pameran Karnival Artgeng A Basket Of Flowers
Pameran Karnival Artgeng A Glass Pot Of Flowers

Some art 'pebbles' & some commission works on portraits'..

Exhibition / Art Festival  Venue Year     Paintings
* Pertandingan Seni Tampak
Terbuka Johor
(consolatory prize)
Johor Art Gallery 2009 # An Egret Invasion
* Pameran Kurnia Cipta Johor Art Gallery 2010 # Heliconia
      # Banana Tree
      # Pitcher Plant
* Cat Art Festival Dunia Seni Lukis Gallery 2010 # Garden Adventure
      # Cat-O-Tic
      # Curiosity
* 1001 Malaysian Artist & Sculptors Viva Home, K. Lumpur 2013 # An Egret  Invasion II
* Pameran Karnival Artgeng 6inx6in Matic, K.Lumpur 2013 # 20 pieces
* Pameran Karnival Artgeng 12inx12in Bastion House, Malacca 2013 # 8 pieces
*Everything Meets Here Anak Bunga Emas Gallery 2014 # Pitcher Plant
Women Art's Exhibition Perupa MY 2015 # 8 pieces
IMAGO MUNDI Italy 2015 # Kota tinggi
Johore Bharu
First Solo Exhibition Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel 2015 # 15 pieces
Second Solo Exhibition UM Specialist Centre 2015 # 23 pieces

Featured in News Paper / Mag /
Year       Paintings / Events
Passions (Culture) - Mag Vol 13 2007 Glowing Forest
AgroBank Malaysia - Galender 2010 Tumeric Compositions
    Pepper Composition
Suara Kontemporari Kosmo June -
2010 Cat Art Festival
ArtMalaysia - Mag Issue 08 June/July 2010 About The Artist (Maba Jaffar)
The Star 28th August - Newspaper 2013 Pameran Karnival Artgeng
Paaradise Malaysia Waterfall -
Caffee Table Book
2014 Jeriau Waterfall, Fraser's Hill
    Lata Tempit Waterfall, Janda Baik
    Lata Tempit Waterfall 2, Janda Baik
ART - STARMETRO - 1st Solo Exhibition 2015 Unveilling Her Landscapes
Nuansa - Harian Metro - Pameran Solo
2015 Cintai Alam Semulajadi
Senikini BSVN (#24) 2015 Sana Sini

Link to ArtMalaysia magazine  where Maba Jaffar is being featured issue 08 June/July 2010  :  read more