Big Pond

Chan Boon Hong

Chan (B.1938) picked up painting at a tender age when
he would draw the Japanese soldiers guarding and
marching outside his home during the Japanese occupation
of Malaya in the 1940’s.

Chan, whose official education began in the year 1955 in Han
Chiang High School, likes to paint realism rather than abstract
art when it comes to painting human figures as it depicts the
energy and movements in and around them. Chan enjoys
realism but he doesn’t indulge in photorealism, for what would
be the role of painting then, he asks.

The mediums Chan uses are usually oil paints and watercolour.
What is unique about his painting is that his passion for art naturally
grants his artworks a unique and inadvertent quality. A viewer's
appreciation of his paintings give him a world of satisfaction. He
has participated in many exhibitions, the most recent being the
Penang Art Society’s 56th Anniversary Art Exhibition in 2009.