Big Pond

Yvonne Ou Yong

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Yvonne Ou Yong left for London
to pursue art education in Chelsea College of Art & Design (The
London Institute). Upon returning to her homeland in 1999, she
has been lecturing in KBU International College ever since. In 2005,
Yvonne ventured into studio painting on a professional level.

Artist Statement

My work reflects a journey through phases of life.  This journey is my
collective experiences that happen every single moment of the day. 
Through these experiences, I seek to culminate an intuitive communion
with the natural world, which is the very essence of my work.
I love to play with various materials, break them apart and then put them
together to form an unexpected perspective of beauty.
I enjoy working in series and on small scale as the subtle changes in
each painting could potentially be developed into a myriad of themes,
just like life, it comes with many surprises and unexpected challenges.