Big Pond


Mat Razak's paintings are signed Tamzoyah, which is an
affectionate title for 6th uncle in Perak lingo.  Always being
interested in art, in school days, he paints murals not only in
his school but for other schools too. This spurred him on to
continue a life in the creative line.  He began as an illustrator
for an advertising firm in 1981 and turned full-time artist in 1986,
supporting himself as a portrait artist in Central Market and
eventually joined the Conlay Artists Colony in 2008. 
His subjects are varied, preferring to focus on people, animals
& plants, instead of scenery. He loves to paint people in the
process of work, animals in their natural habitat, close-ups
of plants and his latest – garlic bulbs. These subjects are
rendered in oil & acrylic.

·         An artist since 1982.

·         As an illustrator AD Art Director in a few advertising agencies :
          Meridian Advertising and Consultant
          Ismail Associate Advertising and Consultant

·         At the same time, as a portrait artist in Central Market since 1986

·         Member of Artists Colony at Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex from 2008 to date

·         Have participated in exhibitions :
          Seni Tampak KTM 2008
          Art At Work KTM 2009
          Pameran Gaza 2010
          Pameran in Solaris 2010
          Pameran Persidangan UMNO 2010
          Galeri Shah Alam 2012
          Alliance Francaise 2012