Big Pond

Anne Koh

Statement :

Born in Miri, Malaysia, I began painting prolifically in 2010.

My passion for painting began from interest in decorative
art in early 2007.

Painting on stretched canvas enriches my daily life.  It
enables me to express my emotions, thoughts and
imagination, freely.  This love grows over the years. I
could admit that I am an addict to creating my art as the
periscope of life inspires me.

Currently, I indulge mostly on landscapes and koi, both in
oil and acrylic medium.  Every painting is unique as it reflects
my mood and inspiration at the time of creation.

My landscape paintings show rich, vibrant and robust colors
with deep textures, using palette knife technique.  Ideas and
inspirations flow from my childhood memories of growing up
with nature. Wild flowers in meadows, mysterious thick woods,
gushing rivers and waterfalls form an enigmatic display in my
landscape paintings.

I like Koi as a subject for my art. They give me a  sense of living
together in harmony yet with high energy. Often, I am thrilled to
capture their different energy levels, brilliant colours and visual
effects through my semi-abstract works.

My greatest pleasure through painting is the connection with people.
A dialogue begins, feelings and ideas begin to flow when the viewer
open their minds to what they see  on the canvas.

 I consider myself very lucky to be continually excited and inspired by
new ideas, and new influences in my life. It gives me a calming feeling
knowing that I will continue to learn and develop as an artist for the rest
of my life.

Exhibitions :
2011 (May) : Akademi Inspire’s 1st Fine Art Exhibition
(Group exhibition at NN Gallery Ampang)

2011 (Dec) :  “Appreciation” Exhibition (at YTL’s building “d7”, Sentul East KL)

2012 (June) : Featured in “Expat Magazine Malaysia”.

2012 (Nov) :  Featured in “Expat Magazine Malaysia”.

2013 (March) :Participated in the fund raising dinner “Passion For Life”, Singapore.