Big Pond

Christine Liew

Christine Liew is a Malaysian artist, born in Perak. Having developed an interest in art from a young age, Liew has taken on an active role in the art scene. After graduating from the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) in 1984, she stayed on to teach in MIA till 1991. She also founded her own Art center, Montage Art Center. She then went on to manage fellow Malaysian artist’s gallery, Peter Liew Atelier.

2013 marks an important turning point for Christine Liew as she returns to drawing full time. She has since participated in Ludvig Symposium at Kandlimajor, Budapest; a group exhibition during the Malaysian Art Tourism Fair; Korean-Malaysian Art Exchange 2013; and 1001 Artists Exhibition.

Christine Liew’s works focus on elements of nostalgia through time. She is fascinated in the aging process such as the patterns embalmed in wood by the growth of trees and the crackling lime paste on ancient buildings. Colour is also an important aspect in her works as she uses it boldly to translate the conductive fluidity of her moods and thoughts.