Art Talk

Shalini Ganendra Fine Arts - Connections
By Nikki Liaw


Some of the pieces on display. 

New York-born Italian artist Claudia Cannizzaro is SGFA's Vision Culture Art Residency's first resident artist. Having completed the residency, the Connections exhibition clearly displays its results in her fine textile and hand-printed art. 

Untitled; Detail from The Roman Book (2009), Acrylic on Tracing Paper, 18” x 35”

Any lover of patterns (or if, like me, you have an OCD streak and love details) can appreciate how Cannizzaro has deftly used the careful repetition of hand-printed patterns on tracing paper that, when placed overlapping as in The Red Book (2007), creates an interesting diaphonous quality. One wonders how she achieves those fine lines, and connects them with kaleidoscopic ease, as in Last Supper, The Tablecloth (2004), which title gives the artwork a new layer of meaning. 

Detail from The Red Book (2007), Archival Ink Tracing Paper, Hand Printed, 7” x 5'3”

Last Supper, The Tablecloth (2004), Acrylic on Cotton, Hand painted, 2'7” x 6'6”; Detail of Last Supper, The Tablecloth; Detail of Sanpietrino (2003), Acrylic on Cotton, Hand Printed, 7'6” x 5'6”
Connections is an apt title, as upon close observation, the patterns look like the weave of a web, sometimes flowing organically, sometimes in structured forms that remind of architecture. Following the motifs, it's as if you were reading the lines in a book which tells its story in a language of colour and symbols.
In her statement, Cannizzaro states that she 'combines traditional symbols and rituals with contemporary thinking and politics, resulting in a fascinating melange of though-provoking complexity'. It is a complexity that can only be properly appreciated up close, so head on over to SGFA today!
Exhibition View
Connections is on until 30 April 2012. Drop by, savour the delicate intricacy of Cannizzaro's works and enjoy the cool compounds of the gallery. Don't miss the VC Lecture on 26 April 2012 ,7pm! Our writer Swee Chin will be sharing with you about that, so stay tuned! If you'd like to attend the lecture, please RSVP by April 22 to

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